Saturday, December 20, 2008

family days

so when your husband calls and says...... "honey I am really sorry but......" don't worry that he might have wrecked your only transportation or that their in the hospital..... oh no it is just that he went over budget on a Christmas tree!
He does this almost every year.

This is the final resting place for the tree. we had to totally rearrange the play room. I mean totally! un mount a storage book shelf and move it and re mount it. but TA Da!

now here is the first wave of snow..... you "sistahs" in the lake states have way more than I . but here in the PNW we don't get that much.

that is ice by the way.

I'll blog more later today and show you some more pics of todays snow.
It is exciting but there is one who is not to excited........


Rachel said...

Your tree is beautiful! I like your snow too. We have a lot here and tomorrow is supposed to be very windy which is not good for those who must travel about. We are going to stay inside and bake Christmas cut outs and chocolate drop cookies. (after church, if church doesn't get cancelled due to the bad weather)

Tracy said...

Yay! A new post. I can't believe that you guys are getting so much snow up there. We keep getting these dire weather forecasts, but nothing come of it. A bit of snow falls from the sky, but none of it has stuck to the ground at all. It was so confusing trying to figure out if I should go in to work. Fortunately, now I'm done until Friday. :o) Are you all ready for Christmas?

Martha said...

The tree is beautiful and I'm sure your kiddos are thrilled. (One less present for Daddy...) You have snow, now all you need a a bit of clear weather so you can travel. My bro in law posted a Facebook photo of the snow in Vancouver BC. WOW!

kristina said...

I like your tree and your snow - very Christmasy. I don't like to drive on ice either. Not fun. Well, sometimes it is a little fun.