Tuesday, December 01, 2009

time for a change

Well now
as you have noticed...... I haven't been here.
It will be kinda a hit and miss but I am gonna try my hardest to blog.
I have sold my camera so the pictures will not be here so much. but I might steal some from my "secret source".... You know who you are.And if you don't well I'll let you know later.

I have made a list. Do you want to see? It is called my Personal Change list.
Not to catchy with the title but thus the word Personal.

1. eat better
2. find foods that give me more energy
A. So I can spend more time with my kids at night or on the weekend.
B. So I can be more active with out pumping up on coffee that raises my ever
raising blood pressure.
3. less TV
4. more reading
5. walk once a day
7. learn something new each day.
A. this could be a fact,task, or something in regards to idea's

It is not that big of a list but it has some big Issues in it.
I think it's a good list.
42 brings so many possibility's I am tired of sitting around waiting for them to hit me. so I think I will Strike while the Iron is hot to coin a phrase.


judi said...

yep, 42 should be a very good year. :)

joeks said...

Inspiring list!