Thursday, December 03, 2009

something new

The learn something new....
I learned that I am rusty on this computer!
I learned that my son loves to read and not just comics.
He just picked up two books at his school library. Harry cat pet puppy and Gregor the overlander. These are chapter books and really good books. He is on the stage crew for a play at his school and he is frustrated with all the down time. He likes to talk but he was getting tired of it.So he got some books.
I learned that my Daughter has a best friend. Every day this week she comes home with two dots colored on her hand. I of course have a coniption about it. and at that point she tells me that it is from a girl at school it shows that they are best friends.
She tells me that the girl has the same on her hand. I only hope her mother feels the same as marks. So we decided that ( when I say we I mean I) a friendship bracelet makes much more since that colored dots on her hand. An Emmy project!
I learned how to put a background on my blog.
I learned how to download a zip file on to a disk. That was no small feet but I did it before work. I was very pleased with my self.
Well off to work.


joeks said...

Friendship bracelets sound like a good idea. I think some teachers will appreciate that more than marking on hands too!
There's always something new to learn, isn't there?

judi said...

coniption, something new everyday,wow.
Now here is your challenge, learn to spell check... I know you are rushed but still something new... :)
Happy as can be about your kids. David reading... Yeah!
Em making a friendship bracelet.
Now you can teach me how to put a background on my blog. Please?

Rachel said...

Glad to see you back!

Maybe Emmy and her friend should make friendship bracelets together...a fun project!

Tracy said...

Have you met Emmy's friend? What kind of friendship bracelet will she make?

Like your new background. :o) You got me blogging in the first place, maybe you will inspire me to get back into it.

Martha said...

I like your new background too and I like seeing everyone meet her on your blog again.

"Learn"- a good word... What is it I want to learn? Good thing to think about.