Wednesday, May 26, 2010

T Thoughts.

So how do I do the investing thing.
when is the rain gonna stop.
I really just don't like my dog somedays.
I wish I had just a cat.
I get really angry with my daughter and are you sure she's mine?
no really God are you sure?
I hate my job
I love my job
can I do both?
How in the world do you plan for the future yet not do well in the present.
I do not like my emotions they are emotional.
They turn on me they make me crazy.
I think they do it on purpose.
I can not depend on anything.
I can depend on change.
I hate change.
I do not like that my parents are getting older.
This is not the kind of thing I like.
being an only child is great when you don't want to share
it is not okay when you are the only little Indian standing.
I do wish I could get "it" right somedays
or not care so much about not.
I do care.
but do I care to much or not enough
do I have a balance.
I don't think so nope more than likely not.
Is the rain ever gonna stop?


judi said...

okay you made me cry...again.
know you are the best little indian in the world.

Priscilla said...

Sometimes I feel a lot like this!

Martha said...

Me too.

Rachel said...

And me...