Sunday, September 19, 2010


well I have been thinking a lot about this subject.
the subject of Memory. As some of you know my father has Alzheimer's
this got me to thinking..... shhhh it can happen.
The new memories we make with our family's our friends. who are they really for?
us?,them,our kids?
I am not talking about the memory as in did I remember to pick up the milk, or send a note to school with the kids......(another subject that created a whole memory I would like to forget :)
I am talking about things like family outings to the apple farm,rollerskating,playing board games during the week, super bowl Sunday's.
I had to ask my self do these memories help me? I don't think as much as I would think they should.
This is what I think. My memories that make an impact in my life are the ones from the past in my own child hood and even into the early 20's. Those are the ones that keep me.
So in my mind the memories that I am trying to create are mainly for my own kids.
So they have something to keep them. I know this didn't make any since for some. It is just something that I was thinking on. I don't get to spend a lot of time with my kids as I would like nor do I spend a lot of time with friends or family as I would like. So for me I try my best to create the most out of so little and hope it is enough to create a good memory that my kids will have. Cause that is what my mom did for me.

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judi said...

okay your even , I cried.