Sunday, April 28, 2013

yup I'm back........;)

There is no lie so sly as the one we tell ourselves.
               -Beth Moore from James Mercy Triumphs study.

Deception.... In the first chapter of James it is not about the deception of the world causing us problems and stunting our walk and productivity of prayer and sharing the gospel of love and truth  but the deception of our own hearts and minds. My own deception of reading then going on. Putting in my time so to speak and expecting great results. I don't know about any of u but for me I can rationalize and redirect and justify my actions in a blink of an eye. Because it is my God given right to be justified in yelling at the driver who cut me off or I read my bible and went to church and prayed but forget what my friend requested for prayer or even what it was I read because my life is so busy. I can rationalize my life easily..... I have kids,job,bills,pets... I first need to admit that I no one else but me is the person who is looking in that mirror it is me who doubts Gods power when I pray it is me who may bridle my tongue yet grit my teeth behind my smile.   
Vs 16,22,26 say it very clearly.
any way thats my take on some of what I am reading in James.


Martha said...

Good to have you back here. You have been missed.

T said...

Thank u