Monday, April 29, 2013


I do not have allergies....... I have a cold. I called in sick last night and that was good.
I was able to then get up at 1am and wander the house with ease. I took some Tylenol, pet the cats,checked on the chickens who looked dead but that just means their sleeping and pre made the coffee. I seriously considered reading a book but I decided that I have allllllll day tomorrow to read and doze and read and doze.
HA! that plan has not quite worked out.....Teacher work day, meaning no school for the young-ens. Eh tis all good tis all good. 
Emmy made the family breakfast. eggs,bacon and toast. :) yum. she also made me tea. she is my best helper in the world.
this is my girl.
she is all emotion..... this will be helpful when she gets older but not so much now. ;P

chat later.


judi/Gmj said...

yep, she will be your friend and give you advice and tell you what not to wear, and ... wait that's your job description!

Martha said...

I am going to love having you back!
Your girl is growing up to be quite lovely. :)

Martha said...

Don't be sick, okay?

Tracy said...

Love that picture of Emmy. She is looking so grown up, though I know that's not actually the case. :)