Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm a believer

Just a little interesting fact I found out.
Vick's put on your feet covered by socks overnight will make you better. I am a believer.

Personally, I was informed of this a few years ago my my mother in law. I did not believe her and chalked it up to some strange thing she did when she was a kid. I did not listen but shrugged it off.
Not until I heard of my uncle did the same thing.
Now to me my uncle is an up standing guy. a real go get'er. He is a Chaffee after all. Give it your all and nothing less. Doesn't seem to follow fads and has a very level head. I could go on but that is for another time.
My mom told me that he had a sinus infection or something to that effect and put Vick's on his feet and was better the next couple of days.
Okay so that did it for me. I put Vick's on my son's feet. He had been suffering with a cough that the Doctor said is just a virus and would get better....... a week and a half later if not two.
So I tried it.
OH MY GOSH! It worked. two days later he was so much better and no coughing at night!
Soooooo my daughter stayed home one day this week. Now when she gets sick a fever means that she is near death. so I keep her home even with no temp. she was not happy she was missing disco bowling in PE. but she was looking like death warmed over. She was also very snuggly and not really bouncing around. For her that is sick. She never stops moving.
That night I put Vick's on her feet and Wal-la She was up the next day bouncing around, no dark circles around her eyes, and she was ready to go. Her only complaint was wearing socks.... she Hates socks. They seem to be her nemesis. I could go on about that but thats for another time.
Sooooo I am sick and using vicks.... but it isn't working as fast. oh well I still believe.


Martha said...

James put "Icy-Hot" on my feet last night but I think he didn't use enough. My sinuses are really bothering me today. I'm going to find some Vicks and give it a try. I'm rather sick of this headache I've had off and on for the past two weeks.

judi said...

I'm glad you follow Mikey's example.
:) You really should blog about him.
Oh, and the socks thing? I all over that , it would kill me to wear socks to bed.

Papa said...

I love the smell of vicks in the morning. Even more than Napalm. And, I love to wear socks at night. Right up my alley.

Tracy said...

I had a patient just yesterday tell me about the healing power of camphor oil on the feet when you have a cold. She said it was her mom's best remedy - foot massage under the second toe, camphor oil and socks, then camphor oil around the neck with a sock pinned there. Cured by morning.

Does Vick's have camphor oil in it?

Martha said...

I went to bed with spicy feet. :)

Martha said...

Think I'll try it on Ben tonight...

Joyce said...

The name of your blog peaked my interest so I had a quick look and enjoyed your blog. Now the vicks thing is one my parents swore by but they put it on your chest and then placed a towel under your flannel shirt. If anything it kept away the wild animals but if I remember correctly I was still sick in the AM:) Feel better.

karen said...

I am going to try it. I have heard that someplace before but never tried it. Get well soon.