Sunday, December 06, 2009


What a word huh. Time. It passes, it rushes by like wind, or it can go painfully slow.
I try sometimes to capture it in my mind with memories and pictures but time is also illusive in the fact that you can't hold it still. It may move fast or slow but it always moves.Know wonder I get dizzy sometimes.It's not like I can sit on it to make it stop moving. Or tie it up with duct tape so that it never moves again.
All this to say I want more of it.
So I am going to Take it. Not borrow it like a cup of sugar like a meek neighbor. But take it with authority like a two year old takes a toy because they see it.
Who says I have to wait for time to catch up or to catch up with it. nope. I am going to go and grab life and go for a ride,stroll, or linger if I choose. because Time may move fast like lightning or slow like a slug but it is always moving and therefore so should I.


Martha said...

Can one take time with authority? Another good thing to think about. Time just seems to get away from me. I should be going after it too!

judi said...

Fantastic post!!
Proud of you, I am.

judi said...

Ps, I love this wall paper, it's so YOU. :)

Papa said...

Good start for a poem!

Time is elusive,
it hides from me,
when I need it most.
Yesterday I was twenty,
Today I am seventy.
When I am happy a day is a year.
When I am sad a day is an eternity.
Tomorrow is forever.

T said...

well done papa!

Tracy said...

That is a fantastic poem! Love it.

good thoughts.