Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Warning do not try this if..........

So as you have read in the last post I tried the Vick's thing for about a week.
HA! I suppose that Vick's is good for the general colds, coughs, aches but lets just say that although I think that it works over all for general purposes. It does not take care of lets say Bronchitis or sinus infections or even ear wax!
Of which I have an abundance of all of the above! Now I tend to get Bronchitis at least once a year and sinus infections at least two times But the wax!
Now that was pushing it! See when it comes to my little lobes I am very protective. I only have one that works and frankly I could careless about the other one. It doesn't work, it doesn't hurt so why worry about it. Apparently Doctors don't take the same view point as me.
He was quite concerned that because the wax was blocking my canal I could not hear......DUH I'm deaf in that ear. He still proceeded to make me cry by trying to remove it. Not that it hurts that much to make me cry....... bad memories of other doctors probing,poking,flushing and over all inflicting pain. Years of Doctors doing this to my little lobes makes me mmmm lets say slightly hysterical! So I am now on antibiotics, an inhaler as well as cough syrup, and ear wax softener.
So although I think the Vick's theory works as an all purpose help. I do not think that it cures completely.


Martha said...

I'm sorry to hear you are sick. No fun at all. I guess even Vicks can't cure everything, but it was worth a try.

Bethany used to get ear infections often. She would get that glassy eyed look and stop eating, but when I'd ask her if her ears hurt, she would smile and say, "They'll be better tomorrow." She was sick of having doctors look in her sore ears too. In the end we found she had a congenital clusteatoma, a cyst behind her eardrum.

judi said...

ahh, now I feel real crummy because I subjected you to torturer at the hands of Army specialists, referring to their rank, not their level of expertise. Well it's good to keep your ears clean along with wearing clean underwear .... ya never know what you may be subjected to..
ah, what if rapture occurs and you have dirty ears? That would so not be right.
I am doing my best at not saying... you know what. hugs.

Papa said...

Sis, I was going to say something smart but Your mom might get me!

Tracy said...

Ugh! Sorry the day was so unpleasant. I hope you're on the mend very soon. At least you got your very own inhaler out of the deal! :o)

tipper said...

I've heard about the vick's cure-but never tried it. One time my husband had to have his ears "flushed" of wax-he said it was painful. Feel better soon : )

Rachel said...

I flush my kids and my ears about every few months over here since Michael had an ear wax problem many years ago. I asked a nurse if we could flush them with a waterpik set on the lowest setting (which is what they did in the Drs office) and they said yes, so that is what I use. Works great! I hope you're feeling better by now.