Thursday, December 17, 2009


So this morning I found my favorite socks. I call them "my socks of luv"
They hug my feet. It is like getting a foot hug all day long.
This got me to thinking that not very many people that I know anyway have such sayings as "socks of luv" I don't know how many of these little sayings I have but I think quite a few.
It made me realize that In my age I am turning into my mother and my grandmother. The goofy things they did as I was growing up don't seem that goofy any more. such as "hey there is a mouse that looks like a leaf" that was my mother who said that, as a leaf blew across the road.
not that long ago I thought a log looked like a duck and was telling my kids to look at that cool duck across the road. My hubster pointed out to me that it was a log and my son was laughing at me.
I am glad he was laughing. I laughed too.
I am learning that it is okay to laugh at myself. I am quite funny in all these little things.
I hide things from myself sometimes. not intentionally but I can't find them. I put things that are important in a "safe" place and then I forget where the "safe" place was. So I frantically look for it enlisting everyone in the family to join my frenzy. When I find it or when my hubster finds it it I realize that "ah that was the safe place" I won't use that again it's not that safe if I can't remember where it is. Nobody but me laughs at this because they are frazzled from the co-motion. Not me I just laugh. It is kinda funny if you think about it.
I remember my grandmother doing this from time to time. she didn't laugh so much about it she would just say " oh dear oh dear" or "well damn it all" when she was really frustrated at trying to find something she put away.
I am glad that some of these quirks happen because I need a good chuckle now and again.


judi said...

for some of us, laughing is the whole point of living.

Martha said...

There is no doubt we become more like our parents as we grow older. Sometimes it is scary and other times there is something strangely comforting about it.

Laughter is a defense mechanism and guard against against all kinds of disease. If I can still laugh, I know I'm still sane... at least I hope so. :)