Monday, December 21, 2009

They do listen.

My kids had an eventful weekend. which means I had a nice quiet week end. :)
On Friday my little E went with my cousin. We have the kids call her auntie. She had called earlier in the week to set up a time to take each of them to a movie an lunch.
E was first. They went and saw Princess and the frog. Apparently there was a discussion during the movie. Little miss thing thought that the movie was going in one story line and Auntie didn't agree.
apparently after a minute or so Miss thing held up her hand and said "well you have your way of thinking and I have mine". Whoa! This is a statement that is used by me often. I often doubt that my kids listen to me especially little miss thing. She tends to bounce when you talk to her or generally look disinterested. Later when the story line did go the way in which Auntie said Miss Thing said "oh you were right, sorry"
Ah makes a mama proud to know that some of the important things you try to teach your children do stick.
On Saturday it was Mr Dude's turn. They went to see Planet 51. Before they even left the house he had planned how much they would eat at the movies. He of coursed checked with Auntie to make sure this was a viable plan. At lunch I was informed that it was very good. Now Auntie comes from a gaming family meaning that they love to play games. We do as well, however poker is not on our list of card games. Auntie asked him to play poker, the card game. He promptly told her that his mom doesn't let him play poker. her statement back was that "well your mom isn't here". oh what a tempter my cousin can be. ;p His return statement was the same a wry smile and a firm no.
Both my kids have different personality's. I have one who is bouncy and appears not to pay attention. The other is bossy and very set in his opinions. With both I try to teach them integrity and honesty. To be responsible for your actions no matter what. I try to teach them that they have choices to make and that It is their choice as to how they handle their emotions and actions. That they have to be responsible for the consequences of those actions both good and bad. That it is okay to disagree with some ones opinion. It is an opinion and that it doesn't mean they have to agree always. I try to teach that everyone is entitled to think differently than them it's okay.
It makes me very proud that I have two wonderful kids that actually once in awhile listen.


judi said...

My little Eddie Haskel from Leave It To Beaver and Kathy from Father Knows Best?
They are truly wonderful kids.

Tracy said...

Very nice. In both of those situations, your kids showed character and integrity - miss thing in admitting she was wrong, mr dude in sticking with what he knew was "right" in your family.

Some moments to treasure for sure.