Saturday, January 02, 2010

new year , new cheer and maybe a tear.

So it is the new year. My mind goes to the "so what" kinda thinking.
Is this year so different than the last? Is this year going to bring promise,sorrow,change?
Each new year I wonder the same thing. Each year is always unknown, it is always new and it is always full of change.
I know that this up and coming year will be change both good and bad.
This year I feel the same as all the other years that have come before. I will be doing the same thing as I did in those past years as well.
Learning,growing,living. Making sure I do what I am called to do, walk where I need to walk,run when I need to run,laugh,cry, and over all try my hardest to be the person God called me to be and made me to be.


judi said...

Well, I did beat your in the first round...
I will bring my gym togs and suit down for the rematch.
You are doing a great job at being you.

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